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Concert Medical, LLC was founded on our belief in innovation, quality and value. The origins of Concert Medical go back to the early 1980’s and The MicroSpring Company. For almost three decades the company has progressed to being a recognized innovator in the fields of Interventional Cardiology and Interventional Neurology.

“Advancing Innovation for Interventional Medicine.”

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Where other devices fail, the Conductor will get you through! Our products are precision engineered and have been developed specifically for tight lesions, complex navigation and difficult approaches.

Performance enhancing design features include:

  • Proprietary Hydrophilic Coating
  • Tapered Core shaft
  • Gold Alloy Bonds
  • Shaft Markers at 90cm and 100cm
  • Soft Tip design

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Since acquiring the business in 2005, Concert Medical has evolved from a contract manufacturer to a private label and proprietary medical device developer.

“Whether it’s for our own product line or private labeled for a customer, we add a lot of value to the design and manufacturing of medical products. With over 30 years of experience in the fields of Interventional Cardiology and Interventional Neurology, we have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to bring innovative products and updates to the marketplace.”

- Frank Attardo, President, Concert Medical LLC

Whether you are a Cardiologist or Neurologist, Concert has designed products to enhance your practice of medicine.

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"A good quartet is like a good conversation among friends interacting to each other's ideas."

- Stan Getz (American Jazz Saxophonist)

Concert Medical’s goal is to create products of value that are unique and captivate currently unfilled needs in the marketplace. We turn unique problems into innovative products.

All of our successful relationships have begun with a simple conversation.

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