"At first this new hypodermic method was employed exclusively for the administration of morphia and preparations of opium, but it is important to note that, from the outset, Dr. Wood pointed to a far wider application."
Quote from Rev. Thomas Brown biographer of
Dr. Alexander Wood (1817-1884).
(Dr. Wood is credited with inventing the first hypodermic needle using a true syringe and hollow needle in 1853)

Concert Medical Innovation in Regional Anesthesia

In recent years Concert Medical has continued the tradition of innovation and in conjunction with its inventor/doctor relationships has created and marketed the first objective injection monitor for use in regional anesthesia called “BSmart™.”

After a successful marketplace initial rollout and continuing sales, the BSmart™ injection monitor has been acquired by a European business partner.


Concert Medical Continues Its Line of Innovative Products

Concert Medical has been hard at work with its inventor/doctor partnerships and has new products for regional anesthesia in the pipeline for release in 2016.

One of the products in the works is a “hands free syringe” system for use with peripheral nerve blocks. A couple of the major advantages are:

              1. Ability for the Regional Anesthesiologist to perform the procedure without having to schedule or find another set of hands
              2. “Built-in” maximum pressure monitoring features for safety and patient protection.

Imagine being able to perform the Popliteal Nerve Block shown on the left without the necessity of finding that “third or fourth hand" to assist you in completing the procedure?


Anesthesia Innovators in History


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