...the vascular catheter can be more than a tool for passive means for diagnostic observations; used with imagination it can become
an important surgical instrument.
1963 quote from Dr. Charles Dotter
"Father of Interventional Radiology"
Nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1978

A Tip of the Cap for a Truly Innovative Cardiologist

Andreas Roland Grüntzig (1939 – 1985) was a German cardiologist who first developed successful balloon angioplasty for expanding lumens of narrowed arteries.

Grüntzig's first successful coronary angioplasty treatment on an awake human was performed in 1977. The immediate results of this treatment, despite using only a carefully kitchen built catheter were quite good. The LAD artery narrowing remained almost perfectly expanded.

Dr. Grüntzig recognized multiple important issues early:

  1. the treatment would not be readily accepted by most physicians, especially bypass surgeons,
  2. it could easily lead to bad outcomes without great care in selection of which patients to treat
  3. it required careful teaching of the technique

Understanding these issues and tireless effort on his part are widely recognized in cardiology for leading to the ultimate success of the technique.


Meet The Conductor Guidewire – Our Flagship Product

The Conductor Coronary Guidewire:

Where other devices fail, the Conductor will get you through! Our products are precision engineered and have been developed specifically for tight lesions, complex navigation, and difficult approaches.

The Conductor Coronary Guidewires are designed to provide:

  • Consistent performance and support
  • Distinct 1:1 torque
  • Tip shapeability and tip shape retention
  • Allows atraumatic access through even the tightest lesions
    and most complex anatomies

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What Does the Future Hold – What is in the Product Pipeline?

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is a new, minimally invasive approach to replacing diseased aortic valves. In TAVI, an artificial aortic valve is implanted by means of a sophisticated catheterization procedure.

Currently, our collaboration with Dr. Mark Webster from New Zealand has produced a very specific product in this area of Interventional Cardiology. The product is called the “S-Wire” which has a specific application for artificial aortic valve replacement.



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How Do I Implement One of My Innovative Product Ideas Like Dr. Webster?

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