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Production Technician

Main Function:

Production Technician reports to the Production Manager. The position will operate various items of machinery, learn several processes and use various types of small hand and power tools, microscopes and viewing screens in the layout, fabricating and assembling metal, wire and plastic parts that comprise our products in accordance with production drawings and assembly documentation. The employee will also be required to do any and all tasks deemed necessary by his/her supervisor for the safe and efficient operation of the company. Such tasks may include those with more specialized training such as coating, metal fabricating, chemical coating, bonding and the like. All duties and responsibilities must follow documented work instructions and are subject to in-process quality inspections and overall Quality Assurance guidelines.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Performs detailed, precision assembly and production work using a microscope, viewing screens, small hand tools and supporting machinery
  2. May also be required in the course of regular duties to perform routine assembly, parts cleaning, packaging and labeling
  3. Diligently follows documented assembly and production written instructions
  4. Performs and documents in-process inspection results with specified measuring equipment and all pertinent information on Device History Records
  5. Will provide overall team support as needed and training as required
  6. Must meet or exceed weekly production goals and schedule
  7. Works closely with Quality Assurance to ensure quality of parts and product is maintained at all times
  8. Adheres to regulatory standards including but not limited to cGMP, ISO 13485 and OSHA
  9. Maintain and clean production area in accordance with documented procedures
  10. Separates scrap or waste materials for recycling, reuse, or environmentally sound disposal

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