Concert Medical prides itself in the support it provides to its customers. This is especially relevant in our Design Services group where responsiveness and direct relationships with Concert Medical engineers is required. You project is important to us; therefore, we guarantee direct access to our Design Services team and use of our in house developed technologies in your product.

Research & Development

  • Interface with user/market to create designs that meet or exceed product requirements.
  • Technology feasibility / IP Protection Plan
  • Detailed Product Specifications
  • Initial cost estimate
  • Analytical Process
    • Material Properties
    • Geometrical Interactions
    • Performance Modelling
  • Empirical Analysis
    • Anatomical Testing
    • Physiological Conditioning
  • Device Interfacing

Unique Technologies

Polymer Wires             Medical Grade Polyurethane

Pressure Wire Tips    Complex Tips for Pressure Wires

CenteRing                       Corewire Technology

CoilCoat                           Hydrophilic Coating

DuoCore                          Hybrid Corewire Technology

Eureka                               Gold Plating Technology


  • Project Engineers specifically assigned to each customers project
  • Extensive knowledge in materials, chemistry, and human anatomy
  • Physician advisory & pre-clinical studies
  • Quick-turn around prototyping and modeling
  • QA Test lab equipped with validated, clinically relevant test methods