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Guidewires – Essential Design Considerations

Guidewires for minimally invasive medical devices can be designed and manufactured using a wide range of materials and technologies to achieve the required performance characteristics. Those design and specification decisions are largely based on the intended use of the guidewire and can be amplified when the device must navigate highly complex and challenging vasculatures.

The factors that engineers consider when designing guidewires for interventional and diagnostic minimally invasive medical devices are covered in a comprehensive blog on the website of our sister company, Arrotek. The guidewire design considerations this guide covers include:

  • Guidewire tips
  • Core taper
  • Lubricity
  • Tactile feel
  • Braiding and coiling
  • Stiffness versus flexibility
  • Tip load
  • Crossing ability
  • Materials
  • Length
  • Diameter

Read the Guidewires – Essential Design Considerations blog now.